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Message from our President and Chair
Women Helping Women for a better future through education
Annual Report March 16, 2022

We came together and persevered for a second pandemic year. Our tremendous focus on our commitment to our goal, the advancement of education, fuelled our energy to continue to stay connected, albeit virtually, to meet our objectives. The work of our dedicated board members kept the Trust projects going. Our generous donors reached deep into their pockets so that the worthiest award recipients were able to receive the much-needed funding for their post-secondary education. The award distribution amount of $31,000 reached an all-time high in 2021 because we kept the students and their needs first and foremost. Our work and our donations have a lifelong impact on the lives of our award recipients. There is no better way to show gratitude for being granted all the good things we have than to give some of our good fortune to others. So many thanks to our donors!

The Annual Meeting of the Charitable Trust was held by ZOOM on March 16th, 2022 and the slate of Directors and Officers was approved, with one new Director joining us. We look forward to another successful year. 

Board of Directors and Officers for 2022-2023: 
  • Fulvia Cantarutti, President 
  • Susan Stewart, Secretary 
  • Marie Wallace, Treasurer 
  • Martha Hogan, Director and Awards Chair
  • Pamela Jones, Director
  • Eileen Watson, Director 
  • Susan Linley, Director 
  • Laura Thanasse, Director
  • Peggy Milson, Director

  • Kathy Wosnick, President of the CFUW Aurora/Newmarket club as an ex-officio member with no voting rights.
  • Anne Marie Devine, Communications Liaison of the Trust & Communications Chair for CFUW Aurora/Newmarket club with no voting rights. 

A special thanks to our retired founding President Jean Fraser. She successfully brought forward the idea of a Home & Garden Tour and set the groundwork in 2021 to plan and launch a signature event in 2022 with all proceeds from the event being dedicated to the Charitable Trust Awards. She truly has been the impetus behind the Trust. She continues to be a phenomenal leader and source of historical knowledge in the club. On behalf of the board, I would like to thank her for her strong contributions.

I would like to thank all retiring Board members:

Valerie Hume has been on the Charitable Trust Board since inception and for being a top contributor for three consecutive two-year terms. Her valuable education administrator and Ministry of Education background, coupled with her extensive CFUW experience (past President of the club, National CFUW role, Awarded Notable Women Award) and commendable non-profit work with Commons Café has made her a very strong asset on our board. She lead theatre events, started Books & Bottles and introduced LUNAFEST to our members to raise awareness of funding required for student awards.

Glenna Stelzer has been a valued director on the Awards Committee and her business background has brought new perspectives to our decision making. Her HRPA designation and experience bought an element of diversity. Glenna continues to give generously of her time and expertise to many community organizations in York Region including several non-profits like Yellow Brick House and volunteers at a senior housing complex. 

Susan Linley has used her long teaching career in South Africa, England and now Canada to continue her focus on helping young women attain their educational goals. Her advanced knitting skills made her a new champion of drawing Charitable Trust donations with her whimsical tea cozies.  

A special thanks to our returning Board of Directors – who give tirelessly to ensure we have sustainable giving of awards. It’s their ongoing years of service that allow the Trust to perform all its functions. I will be continuing in my President’s role and feel a strong sense of accomplishment in achieving our goals together. Susan Stewart ensures our meetings, records and other administrative duties are handled meticulously. Marie Wallace takes infinite care in managing the finances and banking needs of the Trust. 

Pam Jones continues with the Awards Committee with Martha Hogan, the new Awards Chair. Along with Grace Cantarutti and Gwen Berry, this committee coordinated the entire awards process from connecting with the schools, gathering applications, selection of recipients and delivery of awards. I would like to give a special thanks to Grace for her ongoing work connecting with past and current award recipients. Laura Thanasse is a valued member who has helped steer the Trust to submit grant applications and corporate donor requests. Laura’s technical skills enabled the Books & Bottles initiative to launch and she was also a lead librarian. Eileen Watson has assisted the Trust with donor outreach initiatives. Peggy Milson has also assisted with communications and grant applications. Anne Marie Devine works tirelessly to support our Trust communication needs and ensures our messaging is aligned to the club’s. She continues to work on the club’s fundraising events, primarily the Home & Garden Tour, to draw members and the community at large to understand the power of our mission. 

Together we were able to stay the course to promote our student award recipients and stay true to our passion for the advancement of education. Our awards amount distributed in 2022 will total $23,000. This year four students will be receiving the Mary Pegg Award and the Pegg family extends its thanks to the Trust for being the administrators of this award. 

Awards to be distributed in 2022:

4 YDSB Secondary Awards - $1500 each
1 Indigenous Student Award
1 CAS Award
1 Seneca Student Award
2 YCDSB Secondary Awards - $1500 each
Mary Pegg Education Award - $2500/year for 4 years
Total awards to be distributed in 2022
Traditional club fundraising continued to be postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2021. Fortunately, the funding for this year’s awards is secured due to the generosity of so many. We had $14,095 awards fund income receipted and an additional $13,748.49 in awards fund income non-receipted. Going forward in 2022, we have strong forecasted revenues from the inaugural Home & Garden Tour (June 18th, 2022). Much work has been done to build the foundation for attracting donors/sponsors/advertisers and participants. We thank the tremendous team of ladies who have been on the Steering Committee to bring this event to life: Jean Fraser, Anne Marie Devine, Donna Wright.

Our choices to support education today, can dramatically impact the world we leave for tomorrow.

Fulvia Cantarutti, President and Chair
The Charitable Trust of CFUW Aurora/Newmarket Inc.