Supporting Women Through Education
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Secondary School Awards
Interested students from both the YRDSB and YCDSB are invited to apply for the Secondary School Awards. Each school is permitted to submit one candidate for consideration. The Charitable Trust will make the final selection of the Awards recipients.


In order to be eligible for the Secondary School Awards given by the Charitable Trust of CFUW Aurora/Newmarket applicants must: ​

  • Be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
  • Be graduating female students who have been accepted by a post-secondary institution (university, college or apprenticeship program). Proof of acceptance is required
  • Benefit from support to continue their education
  • Have overcome challenges in order to graduate from high school
  • Have demonstrated a positive attitude and work ethic
  • Have contributed to life in their schools and/or communities
  • Are receiving only one other achievement award upon graduation.

Students taking a gap year after graduation will not be eligible for one of these awards.