Supporting Women Through Education
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Message from our President and Chair
Jean Fraser presents Hayley Matthew
with CFUW Award
The Awards for the year 2019 were reviewed and will be presented this June: 
6 High School Awards  @ $1250...$7500 
1 Indigenous Award @ $1250...$1250
1 C.A.S. Award @ $1250...$1250
1 new one-time Award @ $1250...$1250
3 Mary Pegg Awards @$2500...$7500
1 Seneca Award $1000
Total Awards $19,750

April 10: Donation from Scotiabank: 
Thanks to one of our newest members, Fulvia Cantarutti, we received a surprise $500 donation from Scotiabank. A retired employee of the bank, Fulvia contacted Jane Ramos, Manager of the Scotiabank branch at Yonge and Bonshaw, and helped organize the donation. Thanks to Fulvia, Jane and our Small Business Advisor at the South Aurora Branch, Carmine Troiano, we have a new Corporate Partner. We hope that our relationship will lead to greater things! (see picture on “Support Now” page).  

April 23 Club’s AGM: Transfer of funds in Capital Fund to Charitable Trust: 
At the Club’s Annual General Meeting, the club voted to move the $30,000 in the Capital Fund to the Charitable Trust to be used as an endowment fund. The Trust will continue to use the interest from this fund for our awards, keeping the capital intact. This concludes the transfer of the responsibility for our Club’s Awards from the club to our Charitable Trust. 

April 24: Application to 100 Women who Care 
Janet Thacker, a member of the group 100 Women Who Care made an impassioned speech on our behalf to the group’s meeting. We were well received but unfortunately lost out to a group called Dragonfly Wellness for Women advocating for women who are coping with the aftermath of breast and reproductive organ cancer. Janet cheerfully agreed to keep on applying on our behalf until hopefully we are the winners. 

May 2: Stay in School Event 
Jean, Charlotte and Pam attended the wonderful “Stay in School” Event where we presented the C.A.S. Award. It was amazing to see all the happy faces of the students, their foster parents and their workers. Congratulations to the Advocacy Committee of the Club for all their work in organizing this event. 

Cards and Games Day Co-Convener: 
Pam Jones, who already has her hands full as Awards Chair for the Trust, has now offered to be Co-Chair for the Cards and Games Party as the Trust’s representative. She is looking for a partner from the Club to be the other Co-Convener. 

Donations and Applications for Awards : 
We thank all of you who have made donations this new year. Without your support we would not be able to sustain our awards program. 

Donations can be made at any time for any purpose. You may make a donation as a shower gift, birthday gift etc. Just give us a call and we will write a card to the person being honoured on Trust stationary stating that a gift has been made on their behalf.These gifts are especially good for the person who “has everything “. 

We never know when we will lose a loved family member or friend. This year our club has lost two well- loved members, and in both cases, the members of their book clubs paid tribute to them by sending in donations remembering them “in memoriam”. What a meaningful way to honour a friend! Their husbands received a note from our Secretary.

Our awards committee is beginning to receive applications for our awards, and again we are seeing the great need out there for financial support for education.  

We now give six High School Awards, but there are fifteen high schools! We have received ten applications for the Mary Pegg Award from one high school alone. Each and every one of these applications is deserving and we have to turn so many down.  

So, I am appealing to you once again, if you support our goal to help young women make their way forward in life through education, to make a donation to our Charitable Trust!

Have a wonderful summer! 

Jean Fraser
The Charitable Trust of CFUW Aurora/Newmarket 

Charitable Trust News May, 2019

A lot has been happening in the world of the Charitable Trust these past two months that we want to share with you! It has been an exciting time! 

March 20: Annual General Meeting of the Charitable Trust
Board of Directors 2019-2020:  
A new Board of Directors was Elected. (see our “About Us” page). 

We want to give a great big thank you to retiring Treasurer, Cheryl Rines, who set up our Financial System and kept our records in such good shape for these past four years. Also, we want to thank Janis Bell, who is moving over to the Board of the Club as Vice President. We will miss both of you!

Financial Report, as of Dec.31, 2018 for year 2018 was given. Finances are in good condition.