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Message from our President and Chair
March 18, 2021

Fulvia Cantarutti 
A huge thanks to all our donors! Like other sectors, charities are struggling financially due to these difficult times during the pandemic. Know that your donations, this year more than ever, have made a huge difference in our ability to award funding to young women so that they will be able to pursue their education. I have dedicated my time and experience to the CFUW Aurora Newmarket Charitable Trust because I enjoy giving back to our local community. I feel a sense of accomplishment in achieving the advancement of education. Our donations have a lifelong impact on the lives of our scholarship recipients. There is no better way to show gratitude for being granted all the good things we have than to give some of our good fortune to others. So many thanks to all the donors!  

The Annual Meeting of the Charitable Trust was held by Zoom Meeting on March 17th, 2021, and the slate of Directors was approved. The Officers were then appointed at a virtual Zoom meeting on March 17th immediately following the AGM. Congratulations to all new and returning board members. 

Board of Directors and Officers for 2021-2022: 
  • Fulvia Cantarutti, President 
  • Susan Stewart, Secretary 
  • Marie Wallace, Treasurer 
  • Pamela Jones, Director and Awards Chair
  • Glenna Stelzer, Director and Assistant Awards Chair 
  • Martha Hogan, Director 
  • Valerie Hume, Fundraising Club Liaise
  • Eileen Watson, Director 
  • Susan Linley, Director 
  • Laura Thanasse, Director
  • Janis Bell, President of CFUW Aurora/Newmarket as an ex-officio member with no voting rights 
  • Anne Marie Devine, Communications Liaise. The Communications chair of CFUW Aurora/Newmarket or her representative will be an ex-officio member of the Trust with no voting rights.

A big thank you to our retired founding President, Jean Fraser. She has worked tirelessly for the CFUW A/N for many years. The awards program has always been an important part of our Club, but it was Jean’s vision to make it bigger and better and to make the program a charitable organization. She truly has been the impetus behind the Trust. She is a phenomenal leader and mentor in the Club, Trust, and the community at large. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank her for her strong contributions.

I would like to recognize all the hard work done by Susan Lennard who retired from her Director position. Susan has been a very valued team member contributing to Awards, Trust website refresh, and the Pegg Family committee work. We thank her for her many years of loyal service.

I am excited to welcome two new Directors to our Board, Susan Linley, and Laura Thanasse. They both have diverse backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge in the education field and the executive corporate world respectively. They will add strength to our team and strategic growth as a Trust. 

To our returning Board of Directors - it’s because of their consecutive years of service that they seamlessly ensure that all the functions of the Trust are carried out. Susan Stewart ensures our meetings and records are kept meticulously. She has successfully streamlined the donor process. Marie takes infinite care in managing the finances of the Club. Pam coordinates our Awards Committee with the help of Glenna and Martha and committee members, Grace Cantarutti and Gwen Berry. Valerie is the mastermind of fundraising initiatives for the Club members and is the valuable Trust fundraising liaise. Eileen works on donor outreach initiatives. Our grant applications are skillfully prepared by our valued committee member, Peggy Millson. Although not part of our Board, Anne Marie Devine, our Communications liaise, has profiled the Trust, our scholarships, fundraising, and donor recognition with her talents and art of communicating with flair. Each one has done a fabulous job, and I am so pleased that they all are staying with us next year to continue their great work.

Thanks to the club, the convenors of our fundraising events, the members, and our donors, the Trust was able to pivot and be creative during a difficult pandemic year, stay the course to promote our student scholarship recipients, and stay true to our passion for the advancement of education. Our scholarship amount to be distributed in 2021 will total $23,000. This year four students will be receiving the Mary Pegg Award and the Pegg family extends its thanks to the Trust for being the administrators of this award. 

​Awards to be Distributed in 2021 

4 YDSB Secondary Awards - $1500 each
1 Indigenous Student Award
1 CAS Award
1 Seneca Student Award
2 YCDSB Secondary Awards - $1500 each
Mary Pegg Education Award - $2500/year for 4 years
Total awards to be distributed in 2021
Many of our traditional Club fundraising plans were postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, and it is still impossible to predict what fundraising events will be possible in the fall. Fortunately, the funding for this year’s awards is secure due to the generosity of so many. We have had to explore new ways to raise funds. We adopted virtual events such as Books & Bottles (fall of 2020 and spring of 2021), an online auction (Feb14/15 2021), and LUNAFEST Film Festival (March 2021). Funding for our scholarships relies solely on donations and fundraising. If you can donate to our scholarship fund, please be as generous as you can be. Now, more than ever, philanthropy has a role to play in shaping our future scholarship distribution. 

I have enjoyed my first year of being the Charitable Trust President. Working with so many talented, inspirational women has fueled my energy and instilled a sense of accomplishment. Together we have made a difference in the lives of many students with our educational scholarships. The gift of education will enrich their lives forever.  

Many thanks for your support, both to me personally and to the Trust for your support and donations, over this past Covid year. It has been an honour serving you as President of the Trust. 

Fulvia Cantarutti
President, The Charitable Trust of CFUW Aurora/Newmarket. Inc.